Call to County Committees

There is a fundamental difference between Decentralization and disorganization. One of the Green Party's Ten Key Principles is Decentralization. The way I like to put is that the local organization is the highest authority. The state party organization does NOT tell the counties what to do or how to run their local group, just as the national Green Party does not tell the state parties what to do. The idea is if all of us are being guided by the key Principles, we will still have a consistent philosophy. We will all still clearly be "Greens." 
BUT, there are times when it is necessary for all the local groups to come together and act in a coordinated way. We are now at one of those times. The Republicans have rewritten Ohio's election laws to say that the Green Party has to get at least 3% of the gubernatorial vote, or they will disband our Party. I believe we can do this. In fact, I believe our state wide candidates will receive millions of votes in 2018. But in order to do that, they have to gather enough petition signatures to get on the ballot. 
Right now, we have four brave Greens who have stepped forward to put themselves on the state wide ballot, Connie Gadell-Newton for Governor, Brett Joseph for Lt. Governor, Philena Farley for Auditor, and Paul Curry for Treasurer. We need to gather at least 500 valid signatures for each of them. These petitions can only be signed or carried by people who are either registered Green voters or unaffiliated voters. The deadline for turning them in is February 7, 2018.
As Political Director for the Ohio Green Party, I am formally calling on every county group to have a county wide meeting in the next few weeks. Contact every Green in your county and have them come to a central meeting for the purpose of signing petitions and picking up petitions to carry. I would suggest January 6 or  7, but the date would be up to each group to decide. 
If your county does not yet have an organization, I am calling on you, personally, to be the person who organizes that meeting for your county. Every Green in Ohio should be carrying a petition right now. Connie and the other candidates should be flooded with more petitions than they could possibly use. 
As Political Director, I will provide you with what you need for your county, voter names and addresses, copies of petitions, instructions for petitioners, etc. Also, Connie, Brett, or myself may be able to come to the meeting. 
I recently watched a documentary on the warrior woman, Boudica. She led a rebellion against the Roman occupation of England that very nearly succeeded. In the final battle, she led a force of 200,000 against a Roman army of only 20,000. The problem was her soldiers all acted in an uncoordinated way, while the Romans were highly organized. She was unable to give her troops a simple flanking command, and so the Romans marched straight into them and slaughtered them all. 
We are rebelling against a highly organized force. The two parties have been weathering, absorbing and crushing challenges for the past 100 years, from the Socialists back in the early 20th century, through figures like Anderson and Perot, and internal challengers like Sanders. In fact, they depend on these "revolutions" for their most active members. The chair of the Lucas County Democrats started out as a Green, for example. They have procedures in place for dealing with true challenges, and they are applying them to the Green Party right now. The thing is, we can't let them succeed, this time. This time, we are the only group calling for what's needed to actually save the planet and our society. We're the only ones calling for a carbon-free energy future, universal health care, and a thousand other things that have to happen if our society is to avoid the same decay and collapse that eventually befell the highly organized Romans. 
Getting half a dozen Green Party petition signatures will do more to make a Green future happen than signing 1,000 online petitions or writing a hundred letters to Republican or Democrat legislators, begging them to do the right thing. 
Please be the person that organizes your county's county wide meeting in the next few weeks. Pull your fellow Greens together and let's overthrow the two party system, together. It's time for our decentralized forces to coordinate for a time. Let's outflank those Romans, get our Greens on the ballot and create a new political reality in Ohio. 
Joe DeMare, Political Director Ohio Green Party