April Robertson-Kemp for

Office sought: 
District 97 Ohio House of Representatives
Cambridge, Ohio 43725 Cambridge , OH

Representing the 97th Congressional District of the Ohio House. Supporting the 97% Climate Consensus. Smashing fake news #ForThe97

April in Cambridge
I, April Robertson-Kemp, am a single mother of three children and a grandmother of beautiful two years old, and I am very concerned for their future. We, as a state and nation, are faced with challenges that requires truly bold leadership and a revolution on how our government operates. We need remove money from our politics, guarantee healthcare as a right to all Ohioans, respect the environment, protect our property rights, and fight to end the opioid epidemic. I am stepping up to this challenge because we need a government to work for “the people” and the only way to do that is to elect the right people.

Contact information: 
(740) 231-2484